International Workshop in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Innovation in Natural Products Teresina / Brazil

  Bioprospectum participated in an international event of natural products in Brazil, which took place in Teresina, Piaui State. The event happened on March 13, 2019 at the Health Sciences Center of the Federal University of Piaui.

The meeting organized by the graduate program in pharmaceutical sciences and the Network Biotechnology of the Northeast (RENORBIO) aimed to promote the internationalization and the meeting of companies, students and professors in this theme and generation of new methodologies and products. The keynote address was presented by Dr. Alexandra Plácido, who spoke about current research on the discovery of new antioxidants and the company's insertion in academic collaborations with Brazil. In the sequence Dr. Jose Leite commented on the Bioprospecting of new molecules and the relation with in silico technologies in the discovery of new drugs these days. Finally, Dr. Daniel Arcanjo (organizer of the meeting) gave a lecture on vasoactive peptides and the partnerships of the UFPI with European centers such as University of Porto and Danish institutions.

In addition to the lectures, the meeting had a public master's degree in the theme: "Involvement of the argininosuccinate synthetase enzyme in the vasorelaxative effect of BPP-BrachyNH2 peptide on endotoxin-induced endothelial dysfunction". Where the potential in the cardiovascular area of bioactive peptides of Brazilian biodiversity was also discussed during the argument. 

Activities like this are important for the diffusion of partnerships that lead to the generation of new bilateral projects and the exchange of science and technology between the company and the academy, impelling discoveries of new innovative products.


Public defense of master's dissertation at the UFPI during the international Workshop.