Bioprospectum supports scientific meeting on health innovation in Brazil

From October 18 to 20, the “International Meeting on Innovation and Health of the Federal District: From scientific research to immersive Technologies”. The event at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Brasilia and counted on the effective participation of Bioprospectum.

Professor Jose Roberto Leite, a scientific consultant, was president of the scientific committee of the event and emphasizes the international participation and globalization of knowledge in the area as a determining factor for an innovation company to develop and consolidate, especially in the health area. Dr. Alexandra Plácido, also participated as a member of the scientific committee and the coordinating team of "Book Abstract", which will soon be published by the “Journal of Global Innovation - JGI” as a special edition of the journal in the coming months.

Dr. Jaco Saraiva, a doctor and also a scientific consultant at Bioprospectum gave a closing lecture on "Innovating in Health and Precise: A World in Exponential Growth". Also on this day, Dr. Jaco Saraiva was also the coordinator of a meetup on health innovation with Brazilian companies in the education sector and social robots.

Finally, the award for best oral presentation was given by the evaluation committee to a partnership between Bioprospectum, i3S of the University of Porto, University of Brasilia and MEDLIG of Barretos, São Paulo, in which a nanotechnological product is being developed using natural product for anti-inflammatory purposes of topical use.

Dr. Jaco Saraiva in his presentation in the auditorium of Tropical Medicine and talk about the future of innovation in health.


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